Our research services include:

  • Designing a formula

  • Investigating ingredients

  • Assessing regulatory requirements

  • Setting timelines

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Problem Resolution

  • Preparing Samples

  • Working within a budget

The Team

Our goal is to assist you in developing or reformulating a great consumer product. We employ a group of talented scientists and formulators that have over 30 years of combined experience in designing consumer products. With extensive knowledge of both natural and conventional ingredients, our team has successfully created high quality products for numerous brand-holders. We are confident that they can assist in developing your product too!

Our laboratory is a busy place developing over 500 new products annually. We use advanced technologies to develop processing techniques that optimize each formula to ensure potency and consistency. Our team follows industry standards to meet current regulations and health standards. The R&D team works closely with you and your account manager to create, develop and perfect your product.

The Process

Your account manager will arrange a meeting with our research and development team, where you can discuss the specifications of the product you want to develop. Clear communication of specifications can save a lot of lab time and costs, so come prepared. Your account manager will be on hand to assist you in the process.

Ingredient research is the starting point for product formulation. The prime attributes of your active ingredients and the carrier ingredients must be effective and work well together. Ingredient quality assurance and supplier review are two areas that we focus on to ensure consistency.

Our lab will provide you with samples that give you the opportunity to test that the formulation meets your specifications.

Production process development is just as crucial as we seek to ensure that the product can be made consistently while respecting the cost.

We can also assist in obtaining certificates for regulatory, other market-based licences and work with you to ensure labels and packaging comply.

We will communicate with you every step of the way.

The Product

Whether you are creating a formula with specific ingredients, looking for specific product characteristics or just want to market one of our base products, our goal is to create quality, value and efficacy in the products.

Occasionally, products develop issues that are only revealed with time, such as limited shelf-life, bacterial growth, or inconsistency. It can be frustrating, but our team will assess the problem, identify the issue, and provide a solution. Your product will be thoroughly tested to make sure the problem has been resolved.