Product Development

Product development starts with a sample produced in the laboratory and ends with a pilot run of a commercially viable product. At this stage there may be further adjustments to the ingredient deck and processes as we carefully evaluate product consistency, packaging presentation, and costs.


Natures Formulae has extensive experience in dealing with product regulatory issues.

The company holds 500 natural product licenses and has assisted numerous customers to achieve licences for their products. Should your product require specific licensing, we work closely with other companies that specialize in licensing issues that can also help.

organic cosmetics with herbal extracts of mint on wooden background.


We will work with you on the packaging and labeling of your product. We work regularly with Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products and other non-government certifications to ensure that you have the proper disclosure on your products.

Pilot Runs

Pilot runs allow you to see the finished product prior to committing to large production runs. Pilot runs scale up the laboratory formulation to quantities suitable for processing, Selected packaging and labels are used to confirm compatibility with the product and the manufacturing process. Our customers find that these units may be useful for marketing and other testing.


Your account manager will provide you with an accurate quote and timeline for custom formulation or re-formulation requiring the services of our R&D department. Pricing for production runs will also be provided to you at the appropriate time so that you can determine what volume of production best matches your projected sales.