Contract Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing and Private Label Services

Natures Formulae specializes in custom and contract manufacturing for cosmetics and skincare products, aromatherapy, essential oils, liquid soaps and more! We want to work with you to help develop and manufacture your products.


Looking to modify an existing formulation? Ready to bring an idea from concept to finished product?

Our Manufacturing Services

There are 3 primary ways that we provide manufacturing services:

1. Custom Manufacturing: This is where we help clients who have an idea or recipe that they would like to produce and package. It usually involves R&D work. We will help by:

  • Creating or re-formulating a product: sourcing ingredients and packaging.
  • Scaling up a product for manufacturing. This is like "tripling a recipe" and if often needs adjustments in ingredients or processes to work.
  • Advising on packaging, labeling, licensing, and costs.
  • Preparing the product for production - a step called product development.
  • Producing your product for you.

2. Private Label: we have a number of extracts and tincture formulations that we offer for private labeling. Our product with your packaging/label. A simple and cost effective way to develop your own brand.

*Please Note: Natures Formulae also has a number of cosmetic bases which can be used to reduce product development costs. These are still considered Custom Manufacturing as clients will customize the product with scents and/or additional ingredients to target their market.

Our Process

Whatever stage you and your product are at, our team of experts will be happy to walk you through the step-by-step process of developing and manufacturing your products. You will have a dedicated account manager that specializes in contract manufacturing who will consult and communicate with you and will be right there with you through the entire process.

Meet Our Sales Team

You will be connected to a personal account manager who can answer your questions, assess your needs, provide costing quotes, and will guide you through every step of the manufacturing process.