About Natures Formulae

Our Story

Founded in 1993, Natures Formulae has become a trusted custom manufacturer producing thousands of products for hundreds of customers. Our customers are delivered a wide range of products including liquids, oils, gels and pastes; all manufactured under their own brands.

Market analysis tells us that consumers are inspecting the ingredients decks of their purchases and making decisions to avoid ingredients that are becoming more controversial. Natures Formulae has developed expertise in the use of natural ingredients and has successfully reformulated many customer products to include more natural ingredients. While it might be said that "Natural is our Niche!", we are also pleased to offer our services to those using more conventional ingredients to achieve efficacy, product consistency, or lower cost. We respect those choices and will provide options.

Natures Formulae provides services from product idea development through to high volume production. Our customers tell us that they appreciate the range of our services; the versatility of the production lines; our willingness to work with start-ups; and our capability to scale up production when their product meets with success in the market.

Our Services

Our sales team is ready to answer your questions. Every customer is connected with a personal account manager who helps to assess your needs and guide you through the product development and manufacturing process.

Our R&D team offers their expertise in the development of your product. Our scientists assess ingredients and processes to formulate your unique product. Quality Control tests and monitors your product to provide Quality Assurance.

Our production teams work hard to process, package, and ship quality products that meet your specifications. Working with a wide variety of equipment, our teams bring their experience to the bottling lines.

Our administration team will take care of the details. From ingredient and packaging sourcing to accounting, they contribute to the success of your experience at Natures Formulae.

Our teams are looking forward to serving you.