The Natures Formulae Research and Development team is lead by Dr. Molly Sharma
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The Team

At Natures Formulae we work closely with our clients to develop the finest natural health products on the market.

To guarantee quality in our natural product development, we employ a highly skilled staff that has over 30 years of combined experience in the research and development of natural health cosmetics and consumables. Their expertise and experience is reflected in our respected brand.

Under the guidance of our lead biochemist, Dr. Molly Sharma, our team of scientists will develop unique formulas from medicinal plants and their natural compounds.

The Process

The labs at Natures Formulae use advanced technologies to develop processing techniques that optimize each formula, ensuring potency and consistency.  Our team follows industry standards to meet regulations and health standards.  The R & D team works closely with you to create, develop and perfect the required natural health product.

Your project manager will arrange a meeting with our research and development team, where you can discuss the specifications of the product you want to develop. Your project manager will be on hand to assist in every step of the natural product development process.

If a product you have developed has problems, such as limited shelf life, bacteria growth, or inconsistency, our R & D team will assess your product, analyze the problem, and find a solution. This could mean adjusting heat, quantity, processing techniques, or ingredients. Your product will be thoroughly tested to make sure the problem has been resolved.

The Product

If you want to create a formula with specific ingredients, tweak the formula of one of our products or develop a new product with our specialists, our goal is to create quality, value and efficacy in all our products.

We communicate with you every step of the way and send you samples to ensure that your product meets your expectations.

Once your product has been developed, it will be tested and approved before moving on to packaging.

As part of our value added service, we recommend a pilot run of your product to ensure the manufacturing process runs smoothly before moving into full production.

Our R&D services include:

  • The development of a new product
  • Problem solving – finding solutions to problems with the product, such as shelf life, slow production, small production runs and cost effectiveness.
  • Replication of an existing product
  • Determining the correct ratio of ingredients to ensure quality mass production