The Natures Formulae Research and Development team is lead by Dr. Molly Sharma
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Private label health products combine our quality goods with your specialized branding.

Natures Formulae offers the opportunity of using our great products under your own name. At Natures Formulae we understand that everyone has their unique skills and talents. If your passion is in the design and promotion of health products, let us supply the product for your brand. If you don’t know how to make a face cream or a lip balm, you don’t have to because we can do that for you. Our product range is environmentally friendly, and our natural herb products use the finest quality herbs and natural ingredients. Our commitment to quality ensures that your private label is on a product you can be proud of.

  • natural beauty products (our NaturTech line offers natural herbal health products created exclusively for health care practitioners).
  • healthy pet food (our NaturPet line consists of 25 products to keep your pet healthy and happy).
  • healthy products (our Master Formulae line offers products ranging from liquid herbal remedy tinctures to soothing lotions and ointments).

With private labeling you can expand your product range or create a brand new one, you can even add a signature ingredient such as locally grown lavender or organic honey.Simply choose one or more Natures Formulae products and add your private label. Now you are ready to launch your new health product line.

Your designated account manager is with you in each step of our custom manufacturing process. In the private labeling process, your account manager will be on hand to offer assistance.