Pets need good health to live the happiest, best lives they can - just like us! Natures Formulae teamed up with top Veterinarians to create a unique and practical line of liquid-based pet remedies, sprays, drops, topical ointments and creams. Each formula is unique to each ailment your pet may suffer from. NaturPet remedies are all natural, herbal based remedies that help your pet obtain and maintain good health.

Why choose NaturPet?

  • Proudly Canadian
  • Veterinary approved
  • Line of 25 products that cover several different ailments
  • Easy to administer, flavoursome liquid-based oral remedies, sprays, and drops
  • Easy to spread topical creams and ointments

    NaturPet's products are formulated for both cat and dogs and are a great way to help your pet live life to the fullest. Your pet will love you for it! Visit the NaturPet website to learn more and to order products for your pet.


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