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Work with the Natural Body

Your body is composed of intricately designed systems intended to function in a healthy manner whether at work, rest or play.  When compromised by illness, stress or poor lifestyle choices, your body systems work hard to reverse the ill effects.  Natural herbal products work with your body to restore its natural function of correcting poor health and maintaining good health.

Environmentally Sustainable and Friendly

Natural herbal products are environmentally sustainable and friendly.  Our products do not contain any harmful ingredients that could damage our natural water resources from processing or use.


Until the past century mankind has depended completely upon natural ingredients such as herbs for medicinal purposes.  Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese cultures have provided us with written records of herbal preparations that were used to prevent and/or cure illnesses.  Aboriginal people of all continents understood the medicinal and nutritional value of the plants around them as an essential part of survival and this knowledge has been passed down through the ages.

The Label Says It All

At Natures Formulae we value this “time-tested” knowledge and improve upon it by applying modern scientific knowledge in testing and analysis to provide you with a greater understanding of natural products and their benefits. We encourage you to read our labels and become an informed consumer.  Our labels provide accurate and complete listings of all ingredients so you can make healthy choices.